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Crown & Bridges Treatment

Crown & Bridges Treatment At Radiant Smile Dental Clinic In Bhubaneswar

At Sai Shradha Dental Clinic we offer a variety of options relating to dental caps , crowns and bridges. Dental Caps are required when a tooth is badly decayed and also advisable after doing a root canal treatment. At Sai Shradha Dental Clinic, Bhubaneswar we offer the latest Zirconia (lava) Crowns from reputed companies. Zirconia crowns are completely metal free. At our clinic in Bhubaneswar, we also offer full ceramic caps that are more cost effective as compared to the metal free varieties. When a patient comes in for consultation requiring crown or bridge we educate about the pros-cons using the latest models.

Metal Free Crowns (Zirconia [Lava] / Emax Crowns)

Dental Zirconia Crowns are the latest material used for dental caps. These dental crowns are natural looking and can be used for all teeth due to their resemblance to natural teeth. The strength of the dental caps are so good that the companies providing these metal free crowns offer up to 10 years of warranty. E-max crowns are so life-like that they cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. These crowns are highly recommended for the front teeth.