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Dental Implants

Anybody can have an implants as long as they are healthy and have a desire to live life to the fullest.By definition, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw for the purpose of holding a replacement tooth or bridge.

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Root Canal Treatment

With the new technologies that have come in today, you need not worry about Root Canal Treatment in Bhubaneswar. And you might not worry about the costs too as such type of dental treatments now start at very affordable ranges.

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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be done for children as well as for adults. Braces is a common term which is used for orthodontic treatment and usually the patient imagines metal brackets.The treatment is done by a Orthodontic specialist at our clinic.

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Cosmetic Smile & Zone

Cosmetic Dentistry includes all the procedures, which increase aesthetic value of your smile. A trained cosmetic dentist at our clinic in Bhubaneswar performs these procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is a fast and easy way to get the perfect smile.

Tooth Filling

Often there are no symptoms of caries or tooth decay! However symptoms that you may need a filling can include but are not limited to sensitivity of the tooth to pressure or sugary foods.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

A cut is made in the gum to expose the whole tooth. Some of the surrounding bone may need to be removed, and sometimes the tooth may be divided into pieces to assist in its removal.

Tooth Whitening

Nowadays, the food we eat are filled with artificial colours and these can cause external staining of teeth even if a person does not have any bad habits such as smoking or excessive coffee intake.

Dental Surgical Procedures

We at our clinic in Bhubaneswar strive hard to educate our patients about prevention of Tooth decay. If Dental cavities are left untreated, tooth decay can continuously spread to involve the entire tooth portion seen in the mouth.

Complete or Partial Denture

Dentures are custom made to fit your mouth, so they take on the appearance of your natural teeth. Getting your great smile back is easy – your clinical dental technician will work with your dentist to create new or replacement dentures.

Welcome to Radiant Smile Dental Clinic & orthodontic Centre In Bhubaneswar

Radiant Smile Dental Clinic was Started in Jan 2017 by Dr. Nitu Gautam in Bhubaneswar.

Radiant Smile Dental clinic is spread over an area of nearly 2500 sq feet and is well equipped with advanced dental chairs, modern dental equipment and the best dental materials available the world over.

A team of 4 dentists works in two sessions. one in the morning session from 9 AM to 1PM and an evening one from 4 PM to 8 PM with each session managed by a Doctor In Charge.

Dental treatment of every patient is well planned by the treating dental practitioner and the doctor in charge who supervises all work and is responsible for a daily clinical audit to ensure the highest levels of quality work and patient satisfaction.


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